The history

ILVET was established by the four founders who had a vision to combine their accumulated experience, acquired since the 1960s, in designing, developing and manufacturing systems and individual machines for WASHING, PAINTING and CONVEYING to treat both metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Founded in  Triuggio, near Milan in 1982, ILVET attracted the attention of local manufacturers operating in sectors such as: automotive, metal components, home accessories, agricultural machinery, toys, etc.  From the very start the company, focused on constant research and development to broaden the range of products and services available to its customers.

The turning point happened at the end of the 1980s when the quality of its products was recognised and appreciated by some of the most important sector-leading companies, many operating at the global level, who decided to install ILVET machines into their production lines. These partnerships grew and strengthened rapidly, paving the way for new technical developments and business expansion.

The German market in particular  was an early adopter of ILVET machinery, recognising the company’s professionalism, credibility and ability to meet the commitments made, establishing ILVET as one of the major suppliers of washing machinery in Germany.

In order to meet the growing market demand, in 2001 ILVET acquired a new, larger, production  plant and invested  heavily in latest generation manufacturing equipment and  technology .

The location has and continues to be  a significant factor in the company’s success. It is in a strategic area in terms of logistics and infrastructure and features a high density and activity of metalworking industry,  providing a rich supply of highly qualified technical personnel.

Today, ILVET is a well-established, solid and healthy company operating in the Washing, Painting and Conveying sectors, particularly active in  thermal treatments and car components. The quality of its products and the reliability of its service, has allowed ILVET to successfully position itself at an international level, far beyond Europe. In fact, ILVET machinery and systems have been installed and are operating worldwide, including   Australia, the United States, Russia, China & South America.

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