Technology and innovation

The context in which ILVET operates is indeed very broad: almost every object commonly used today needs to be protected from corrosion whilst, simultaneously, being as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

In this wide and diversified sector, ILVET stands out for its creativity, its flexibility, its ability to listen and to meet the needs of today’s market.

In recent years, the advent of new electronic control systems and innovative chemical products has demanded considerable flexibility and continuous technical evolution, something that ILVET has readily and swiftly provided.

Building up technological knowledge and expertise, through experience and constant updating, characterises the job of the company’s technical team, which works logically and rationally, in researching better solutions for every manufacturing requirement. Over the years, ILVET has succeeded in reaching some key objectives: maximum consistency in terms of quality and efficiency, reduction in product waste, ability of scheduling work, better use of space.

The correct design and the careful execution of the systems have been the bedrock of the company’s success. In constantly changing and increasingly demanding markets, ILVET offers advanced technology for superior performance, combined with the use of the highest quality materials, flexibility in the machining process, reliability and, last but not least, special attention to the machinery’s aesthetic details.