Ilvet manufactures both complete systems and single machines for the treatment of metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Our products are realized to measure to meet the specific needs of our customers. In order to make more rational and effective choices, during the offer and design phase we carry out a specific analysis for each client that is essentially based on the type of the manufactured article, on the quantity of the pieces to be washed, on the characteristics of the detergent used in the processing, on the application conditions and finallly on the investment, that the customer intends to face.

We use the best components on the market to guarantee a high quality standard, but we also have the necessary flexibility to satisfy the particular technical specifications of our customers.

The optimization of the available spaces, the containment of energy and water consumption, the compliance with environmental and safety regulations play a key role during the design phase.

Among the various solutions developed by ILVET in recent years, a good example of energy efficiency is represented by our heat recovery system, which allows to to exploit and reuse within our plants, sources of heat, which otherwise would be lost.